Food Good Enough

For An Italian Mama

Come, Eat, Love it & Come Again











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Live Pianist
Every Tuesday and Saturday
to get your feet tapping


Caraffa Restaurant

Excellent Italian Food!


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Wood Burning Oven
Enjoy a mouth-watering T-bone steak
which is perfectly roasted





Wine Tasting
Indulge in our monthly wine tasting
to tickle your taste buds

What our customer say about us

Since opening in 1990, Caraffa has become a very well established Italian restaurant due to its accurate, unique and true embodiment of "the family restaurant".

Robert Gavick This is possibly the best Italian food that Pretoria has to offer. I have never had cause to complain and only praise for excellent Italian cuisine. Keep up the good work!
Paulina Nowakowska Caraffa's decor amazes with rather excuisite trattoria fashion with murals, exposed brickwork, chianti bottles on the tables and blackboards listing daily specialities. It's a classy place, jam-packed most evenings with people enjoying traditional Italian food. Thank you for making our anniversary a pleasant evening.
Tomasz Dziuda I have eaten often at this restaurant and found the service good and the food excellent.